Working Out Your Faith

Working Out Your Faith

working out your faith

Imagine this…

The new year just rolled around. With new years come new goals. You created a goal for yourself: get fit, get stronger.  

You get your gym membership, workout routine, healthy groceries and supplements, new workout gear. Each morning for the next year you wake up, drink a glass of water, stretch, and prepare yourself for the day.You do all the little things to get to your goals. What a feeling, right?

Except. . .

Each day you leave out one piece. Quite frankly, the most important piece.

You don’t workout.


Your goal was to get fit and stronger. Sure, you may lose weight, and to the public it seems as if you’re true your goal. But what was YOUR goal? To please the world? Or to become stronger?If you only worked out, you would get stronger. You do not necessarily need all of the gear, groceries, and stretches to get to your goal.

We focus so much on the small things, we often forget the big picture.

Showing up to the gym each day and working out is much more important than the little things. 

It’s deeper than just the small things, it’s about actually working out.


Anyone that cares at all about their body knows this.If we understand this about our body, then why would we ever treat our souls like this?

Yet we:

  • Go to church.
  • We sing the songs.
  • We say the prayers.
  • We read scripture.

To the public we appear spiritually fit.  Yet we crowd our time with goals and ambitions, leaving out pursuing the lost.

When it’s time to treat others with love, even when our pride is struck or opinions clash, we fail.

When it’s time to give money to causes greater than ourselves we are nowhere to be found.


When it’s time to rid ourselves of self, we forget the example that was set for us.

In the same way we have to workout to get stronger, we have to walk the walk that Christ set the example for, for us to truly grow STRONGER in our faith.

It’s deeper than just the small things, it’s working out our faith through action.


How can we commit to working out spiritually?

We must take ourselves out of the equation and give God our best years.  You will not always feel ready. You won’t always feel motivated. You won’t always feel comfortable.  If Jesus was worried about the pain that he would go through to become our savior, would he had still made the ultimate sacrifice?

He knew that his sacrifice would change the world.To be like Christ, we must become Christ-Like. Leading with our sacrifice for others. All in the name of love.

This life is not about us, nor is it about our successes or riches.It’s about the difference we can make and the lives we can touch.

Stay encouraged.


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