"I Can Do All Things..."

Philippians 4:13 -  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


" I can do all things..." a phrase I feel to be often misinterpreted. We believe we can do anything WE want to if we have God on our side. What do I feel like it means? As a child of God "I can do all things" in accordance to what God has called me to. I've failed at many things I've wanted to do, but never at what God has called me to.

What's the coolest part about this writing? It was written by a role model of mine. I always said I never wanted to be a father because I did not have enough time to start a business, build and maintain a ministry, AND raise a family all while being the best husband on the planet. I saw so many amazing business owners with broken families, both believers and not.

Yet here we are... I was gifted with a role model that has done it all. He does all things through Christ in which he has been called to be.

A business owner, a pastor, a father, a husband, and a believer. I now have the courage and hope to pursue a meaningful life full of business, community and Christ, and boy am I excited.

Thank you for taking the time to read.



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