In response to the "Keep Ann Dancing" Campaign, we decided to respond.

“Ann Dancing” has been at the corner of Mass Ave and Alabama and Vermont streets.  

“Ann Dancing” was initially supposed to be a temporary installation in 2008, but its popularity has stayed strong for the past decade, and now, the city is asking to raise $262,800 to restore the art, and ensure it is sustainable for years to come. Over a quarter of a million dollars.

We love our city of Indianapolis, and we love the art that makes it beautiful.

However, in accordance to our mission, we must invest in our people in the city as much, or more, than we do the things in it.

Many want to, they just may not have an outlet they trust to do so through. We started this campaign for that reason.

Our donation campaign to raise money to purchase goods for the underprivileged youth and homeless community in Indianapolis, IN, as well as growing Believe Brand Co and expanding our opportunities to give.

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