More than a T-Shirt

More than a T-Shirt

“Oh you started a clothing line?”

“Yeah, Believe Brand? I’ve seen some of their clothes around.”

“How do you make enough money off of t-shirts to live?”

I did.  You will. I don’t.


You don't have to take us serious. You don't have to support, but at least allow us the opportunity to try and let you understand.


We are MORE than a T-Shirt

Believe Brand is bigger than clothes.
Believe Brand is bigger than exposure.
Believe Brand is bigger than the money.

My flesh wishes that i could take all of the credit and be the face of a “brand,” but that's not what we exist for.  There have been too many involved in this journey for me to even begin to take credit for the amazing things we’ve been able to be a part of.

Our profits are not for us. Our profits are to find unique ways to grow our brand and further the kingdom.

We exist to encourage, express our faith, and serve others.  We want to be a piece in the community that those in need can look up to for support and encouragement in a dark world.

As we grow it is our promise to push the envelope on what it means serve others.  

We were not put on this earth to chase money, fame, and power.  Nor do we want to.

What fills our hearts is seeing others express their faith, whether it be through our store, random acts of kindness, whatever it is, positivity and loving others matters to us.

The label “Christian” has become a negative thing. I hear too often the words hypocrites, judgemental, close minded, tied to the label of Christian.


Our goal is to work toward changing that label by showing others the love and blessings that Christ has shown us.  Regardless of race, color, religious creed, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, age, genetic information, military service, or disability.

Our goal is to create a community where faith can be expressed and truth can be the forefront of our being. Our goal is to create FAMILY.

Oh, and by the way, we make cool t-shirts too.


What do you believe in? How do you build community? Reach out and let us know!


If you want to hear more about Believe Brand or are interested in serving someone, please reach out to me or the team.

Via email:

Or social media: @believebrandco

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